Traveling with Pets in India

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Traveling with Pets in India

Last week, one of my friends from Chicago asked me about the risks of visiting in India with her dog. Although I have traveled a lot in the country and have seen many people with pets in tourist destinations in India, I have never really paid attention to the risks of traveling in India with a pet. I wanted to help my friend and tried to find information on various official tourism websites, but unfortunately, these sites contained nothing about pet policies. I talked to some travel guides and I also met a Canadian couple who brought his dog to Rajasthan trip. Let me share what I learned about traveling with pets in India.

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Challenges for Tourists in Bringing Pets -

Most of the people who love pets face a problem when traveling to national and international destinations. They do not know if the places they will travel allow or not pets. In addition, they do not know which hotels accept pets and which ones do not. Although this problem is not serious in foreign countries, it is very common for tourists to travel with their pets; in India, the situation is a little different. Therefore, it is very important that all travelers check all things before traveling to India with their pets.

  1. Transportation of Pets While Travelling

The first thing to check when traveling with your pets is transportation. Some flights have restrictions and serious rules regarding the transportation of pets, their sedation, and so on. Before booking your tickets, confirm these rules and other facilities such as the on-air vet, etc.

The size and condition of the pens also play a major role in ensuring that your pet travels safely and that you are not disturbed by intense problems while on the move. Security clearance and quarantines, etc., must also be verified before reservations are made.

  1. Accommodation while Travelling with Pets

Once you have landed in India, you must first check the accommodation and then cool off for your visit to the most colorful place on the planet. A large number of hotels, resorts, homestays, lodges, etc., allow pets and tourists, but some do not allow pets. You can also search for pet-friendly hotels in India on the internet, which will be of great help. Because having booked the rooms before arriving is preferable. Almost all major tourist destinations in India have pet-friendly hotels. By comparing rents, facilities, reviews, and other items, you are certain of where you have chosen. Some hotels allow tourists to leave pets in the same room, but some have different policies and have a separate place for pets. In addition, the size of pets, their habits, and dietary needs, climate sensitivity and allergies are some other parameters to consider before the end of the stay.

  1. Tourist Place Restrictions in India while Travelling with Pets

Many tourist spots in India do not allow tourists to walk with their pets. Some of them have special places to leave the animals until the visitors finish their visit. This way, you will not be worried about your pet all the time because you have it just outside the tourist attraction and you can check it whenever you want. It also saves you from having to pay hotel fees to take care of your pet while you are away. Alternatively, you can leave pets in the hotels with instructions for food or medicine or other specific details for the security staff. Well-known hotels have qualified staff to look after your pet in your absence. They tend to have a variety of pet foods, clean the pet area and have certificates for their services. In case of a medical emergency, they have professional veterinarians who take care of your pet and inform you if your participation is necessary. This way, you can rest assured that your beautiful animal is in good hands while you enjoy your visit as much as possible.

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Another way to travel along with your pet is to hire some help from known sources, make an ID check on them. You can travel with your pet and get help to the tourist attraction and while you roam the place, the help can watch over your pet at that time. All the feeding, caretaking and cleaning for the pet can be done by your pet help. There is just a little tip, however; you should treat your pet help as help only and not your servant. This would ensure that the pet help treats your pet as their own and respect your touring sentiments in the best possible manner.

Tips for Travelling with Pets in India -

  1. Pet visas are a must. Check all documents before planning your trip so that no last-minute cancellations are required.
  2. Have your pet vaccinated, treated or completely checked before traveling. This will ensure that you do not have to return without completing your trip just because your pet became ill or quarantined.
  3. You should know and understand that pet quarantine is a very big problem since there are dozens of diseases that spread from pets and are deadly or can assume epidemic status. Therefore, it is very important that all these formalities are carried out and cleaned up.
  4. Take common medications and toys etc. which are your pets' personal favorites so they do not feel bored all the time while traveling.
  5. Ensuring the safety of the pet is a must. Especially when you are in a foreign land. Therefore, you should review the comments, make personal calls and even chat with the administrators of your accommodation before reserving it for you and your pet.


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Traveling with Pets in India

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