Some Necessary Phrases That You Should Know Before Traveling To India

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Some Necessary Phrases That You Should Know Before Traveling To India

Fortunately, for foreign travelers in India, the English language is spoken extensively in the country. Where it is not spoken, it is about always understood. Though, here are some necessary phrases in Hindi that will help you charm locals, find better deals while shopping and more comfortable India tour! Four Wheel Drive India, tour and travel company in India suggests you some of the basic greetings that are used commonly. traveling in india  

Basic Greetings & Expressions

From hello to thank you, below are some expressions will make you sound more cultured in front of locals.


welcome greetings Maybe you already know about this famous greeting. “Namaste” is a very respectful way of saying ‘hello’. With a folded hand gesture & calm bow of your head and neck shows the good manners. Namaskar and pranam (prah-naam) are also famous greetings which mean the same that is used commonly.  


Please”’ word is used in most parts of India and has a Hindi meaning– kripaya (kruh-pah-yaa). It is still an essential word to know if you are traveling in the rural area of the country. It makes your sentences to sound polite & respectful.  

Thank You

It is quite similar to the use of word ‘please’.  “Thank you” is also normally used around the country mainly in the south India where Hindi is not spoken as much. Thank you stands for ‘dhanyavad’ in Hindi. The Urdu word ‘shukriya’ is also an alternative word used in the place of ‘thank you’.  

How Are You?

If you want to talk more with the locals then you should have more knowledge of some words. The Hindi equivalent of ‘How are you’? – ‘Aap Kaise Hain?‘ – is a good way to go. If you are asked the same question then you can respond with ‘Main theek hun’ which translates that ‘I am fine.’  

Nice To Meet You!

thank you The Hindi equivalent of sentence “Nice to meet you” – ‘Aap (you) se milkar (meet) Khushi huin’ – is an admirable way to end conversations. If you have met someone who has truly helpful for you and you want to explain that you are so happy to meet then add the Hindi equivalent of ‘Aap se milkar bahuth khushi huin’ or ‘Nice to meet you’ in English.    

Asking For Help

Travel in India   Below expressions will be handy if you are asking for directions or any other type of help - Do You Speak English? - ‘Kya (what) aap (you) English bolte (speak) hain?’ Can You Help Me? - ‘Kya (will) aap (you) meri (me) madad (help) karenge (do)?’ Where Is The Bathroom? - ‘Bathroom kidhar hai?’ I Want Water - ‘Mujhe paani chahiye’ How Much Does This Cost? - ‘Yeh (this) kitne (how) ka hai? That means the price of items.

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