Night View of the Taj

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Night View of the Taj

When I came to Agra on Delhi to Agra by car, I was most excited about the Taj Mahal. It was my first visit to Agra 4 months ago. Since childhood, I only read about the Taj Mahal in books. Now it was the time to see the Taj Mahal in reality. When I went over there, I was completely mesmerized to see the Taj Gardens, the 4 minarets, the exteriors of the Taj, the Taj interiors, the Taj museum, etc. Everything in the Taj Mahal was stunning and eye catching.

The Taj Mahal from the Window of the Hotel

I was particularly enthralled to see the Taj Mahal from the window of my hotel room. This was the best. We took many selfies. We did a video chat conference while keeping the Taj Mahal in the background of ours. Everybody like that a lot. As soon as the night was falling, we stopped taking the selfies and got busy with ourselves. This was the turning point of my experience with the Taj Mahal.

The Night View of the Taj

We went over the terrace to the rooftop restaurant for our dinner. As soon as I glanced out of the terrace towards the Taj Mahal, I could not remove my eyes from what I saw. It was the Taj Mahal at night. The night view of the Taj Mahal was a hundred times better than the Taj Mahal at the daytime. There were lights around the Taj Mahal. Those lights were making it gleam.

A Piece of Heaven

It seemed as though there was a structure of marvel standing on the earth. It was not less than heavenly. As the structure of the Taj is also unique, there is no comparison of the Taj Mahal with anything. We were not in the mood to catch this scene in selfies or the video but we wanted to keep it in our hearts forever. We were not speaking a lot. We were only engrossed in looking at it for the first 5 minutes.

The Minarets

The 4 minarets look like the protective pillars for the Taj Mahal. It seems that the Taj Mahal is completely because of these minarets. The minarets at night were shining like some magical hollow structures. We were at the rooftop of the hotel; therefore the minarets seem to be less close to the Taj Mahal. This closeness made the minerals a very close part of the Taj Mahal and it looked really well. It was exactly the way we had made the pictures in the sketchbooks and seen in the books.

The Taj Garden

The garden in the Taj was equivalent to the heavenly garden of a magical place. This Garden is the major attraction for those who just pass by the Taj Mahal. The combination of the green color and white color always looks beautiful. This combination of lush green grass surrounded by a white colored marble structure gave it a beautiful look. Taj Mahal is not open for visitors after 6. Therefore the serenity over there, that we were capable of feeling was simply touching our souls. It was still. It was calm and it was beautiful.

For almost 15 minutes I kept coming over there letting my imaginations go wherever possible. There are certain things that we don't do, they just happen. This was one of the moments in my life. I will never forget this same day Agra tour by car. I came over here to take something and I am taking many things in reality. These things are abstract. They are feelings. Please do not miss the night view of the Taj. It will add great value to your life within minutes. This value will remain attached to you throughout your life. Honestly speaking, the beauty of the Taj Mahal at night had the beauty of all the monuments in Agra together in the daytime.

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