Puno Jaipur Timings, Fees, Ride Names, How to Reach

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Puno Jaipur Timings, Fees, Ride Names, How to Reach

Puno Jaipur

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than the Puno Jaipur Indoor Adventure Area and Trampoline Park! This thrilling park is designed to boost your fitness levels while appealing to your mind with exciting activities that cater to all ages. From heart-pumping trampoline jumps to climbing walls, there's something for everyone at Puno Jaipur. But that's not all - the Puno Water Park Adventures offer even more excitement with their range of water slides, including the daring Aqua Loop and Kamikaze rides. You can spend hours sliding, rolling, climbing, and jumping on these exhilarating attractions! And when it's time for a break from all the action, relax on one of the many sunbeds by the pool or take a lazy river ride. Refuel at one of several food outlets in the park serving up delicious snacks and meals so you can keep going all day long! Whether you're looking for high-quality fun-filled activities or advanced gaming experiences, PUNO Jaipur has got you covered. The possibilities are truly endless here - come see it for yourself today!

Highlights of Puno Jaipur

Puno Jaipur Address Fantasy Square, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar'A, 192-196, NH52, Near 200 ft. bypass, Karni Vihar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019.
Puno Jaipur Address Map Google Map for Puno Jaipur
Puno Jaipur Timings 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Puno Jaipur Ticket Price on Weekdays (Mon-Thu)

for 90 Mins it will cost you Rs. 1100/- (incl. Taxes) for Adults (7 Years and Above) and Rs. 800/- (incl. Taxes) for Children (7 Years and Below) 

for 120 Mins it will cost you Rs. 1400/- (incl. Taxes) for Adults (7 Years and Above) and Rs. 1000/- (incl. Taxes) for Children (7 Years and Below) 

Puno Jaipur Ticket Price on Weekends (Fri-Sun)

for 90 Mins it will cost you Rs. 1250/- (incl. Taxes) for Adults (7 Years and Above) and Rs. 900/- (incl. Taxes) for Children (7 Years and Below) 

for 120 Mins it will cost you Rs. 1550/- (incl. Taxes) for Adults (7 Years and Above) and Rs. 1100/- (incl. Taxes) for Children (7 Years and Below) 

Locker at Puno Jaipur Available 
Parking at Puno Jaipur Available 
Maximum Weight for a Jumper at Puno Jaipur 120 kgs
Founder of Puno Jaipur Entrepreneur Pankaj Agarwal

Entry Ticket Price to PUNO Jaipur 

Are you ready for an adventure? Look no further than PUNO Jaipur, the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers of all ages! With entry ticket prices starting at just 800 rupees (including taxes) for children and 1100 rupees (including taxes) for adults on weekdays (Mon-Thu), you can experience heart-pumping excitement without breaking the bank. And if you're really looking to push your limits, why not opt for the 120-minute session, priced at just 1400 rupees (including taxes) for adults and 1000 rupees (including taxes) for children on weekdays? But don't think that weekends are any less thrilling - with entry ticket prices ranging from 900-1550 rupees (including taxes), depending on your desired session length, there's never a bad time to visit PUNO Jaipur. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and prepare yourselves for an unforgettable day of adrenaline-fueled fun! Note: It is important to note that all prices are without socks. 

Entry Ticket Price Chart for PUNO Jaipur 

Here is the list of the entry ticket prices for PUNO Jaipur, so you can understand it easily. 

Puno Adventure and Trampoline Park Jaipur Adult (7 Years and Above) Child (7 Years and Below)
Weekdays (Mon-Thu) 90 Mins Rs. 1100/- (incl. Taxes) Rs. 800/- (incl. Taxes)
Weekdays (Mon-Thu)120 Mins Rs. 1400/- (incl. Taxes) Rs. 1000/- (incl. Taxes)
Weekends (Fri-Sun)90 Mins Rs. 1250/- (incl. Taxes) Rs. 900/- (incl. Taxes)
Weekends (Fri-Sun)120 Mins Rs. 1550/- (incl. Taxes) Rs. 1100/- (incl. Taxes)

Puno Jaipur Timings

Planning for some adventure, then make sure to mark your calendars for Puno Jaipur Timings! From Monday through Sunday, starting at 11:30 am and running until 9:00 pm, there are available slot timings every 30 minutes for you to choose from. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrill or just someone who wants to try out something new with friends and family, we've got you covered. With activities lasting either 90 or 120 minutes (approximately), you'll have plenty of time to soak up all the excitement that Puno has to offer. So why wait? Come join us at Puno Jaipur and get ready for an adventure like no other!

Puno Jaipur Address

Fantasy Square, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar'A, 192-196, NH52, Near 200 ft. bypass, Karni Vihar, Jaipur, and Rajasthan 302019. 

How to Reach Puno Jaipur?

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure of reaching Puno Jaipur Address Fantasy Square? Starting from the airport, brace yourself for a thrilling ride through the bustling streets of Jaipur. Hop onto your trusty taxi and hold on tight as you zoom past curious onlookers and intricate buildings that make up this vibrant city. If public transportation is more your style, take a deep breath and dive into the chaotic world of buses at the nearby bus stand. Ignore the hordes of people pushing their way to board, and instead focus on finding your bus number amidst all the chaos. But if trains are more your speed, then head straight to the railway station! As you weave through crowds of travelers with luggage in tow, keep an eye out for signs pointing you towards yours truly - Puno Jaipur Address Fantasy Square! No matter how you choose to navigate this wild city of Jaipur, just know that it will be an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and wonder at every turn!

Cab Booking

Are you feeling anxious about the daunting task of navigating your way to Puno Jaipur? Fear not, my friend! With just a simple phone call to us, we will come running with our fleet of luxurious private cabs and professionally trained drivers. Whether you're arriving from the airport, bus stand, or railway station, we'll be there waiting for you with open arms (and car doors!). Picture this - stepping off your plane onto unfamiliar territory and being greeted by one of our friendly drivers who will whisk you away in style to your destination. Or perhaps you prefer the hustle and bustle of arriving at a busy bus stand where our expert driver will navigate through crowds like a pro to find you. Even if trains are more your thing, don't fret! Our trusty drivers will be eagerly waiting for your arrival as soon as that train pulls into the station. So go ahead and take that deep breath because no matter where you're coming from, we've got it covered!

What Puno Adventure and Trampoline Jaipur Featured?

Planning for some fun, and get bored of visiting the same water parks in Jaipur, then look no further than Puno Adventure and Trampoline Jaipur – the ultimate destination for fun-filled activities that will leave you breathless. As the first trampoline park in Jaipur, Puno offers unique and exhilarating experiences that are sure to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Some of you think that Fun Kingdom and Puno are almost the same but no, Puno is totally an Indoor adventure park and Fun Kingdom is an outdoor amusement park with so many breathtaking rides. 

Take your jumping skills to new heights in the Free Jump Arena where you can showcase your freestyle techniques with ease. For a more challenging experience, try out the 3D Needle activity in Adventure Arena and marvel at the funny shapes you create mid-air! Put yourself to the test by trying Wipe Out with friends - only those who survive will emerge victorious! 

While kids engage themselves in Kids Arena, enjoy yourself amidst the great atmosphere of Adventure Arena. If the balance is something that comes naturally to you, then don't miss out on Roller Bridge - see how fast you can run across this wobbly bridge without falling off! At Puno Adventure and Trampoline Jaipur, there's never a dull moment as every corner promises excitement beyond measure. So come join us now for an unforgettable time of action-packed thrills!

About PUNO Adventure Jaipur

If you Ask about the founder of Puno Jaipur, well, let me tell you about the one and only entrepreneurial wizard, Pankaj Agarwal! This man has done what others thought was impossible- he has brought India's first indoor adventure and trampoline park to life is none other than the magnificent city of Jaipur. With his visionary mind and tireless efforts, Pankaj has created a wonderland that will take your breath away with its thrilling activities and unique experiences. From rock climbing to zip-lining, from dodgeball to basketball dunking- there's something for everyone at Puno! And if that wasn't enough, they also have a cafe serving delicious snacks and beverages to refuel after an adrenaline-pumping session. So buckle up folks because Puno Jaipur is here to revolutionize indoor entertainment like never before!

About adventure at PUNO Jaipur, brace yourself for an exhilarating experience that will make your heart race and adrenaline soar like never before! Being the first trampoline park in Jaipur, it is a haven of fun-filled activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. With countless sections to explore, each with its own unique twist on excitement, there's no shortage of things to do here. Whether you're bouncing around in the Trampoline Court or testing your skills in Dodgeball Zone, every activity promises endless entertainment that will leave you wanting more. And if that wasn't enough, Kids Arena offers even more adventures tailored specifically for our littlest guests! So come on down and prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure at PUNO Jaipur - where memories are made and fun is always guaranteed! Sections are such as:

Ninja Course:

Are you ready to test your limits, defy gravity and unleash the inner ninja in you? Look no further than the Ninja Course at PUNO Jaipur! This ultimate obstacle course is not for the faint-hearted. With its various challenges like rope bridges, balance beams, swinging steps, and more, each is designed with different levels of difficulty to cater to all age groups and fitness levels. You'll be on edge from start to finish! But don't worry about safety as every participant is provided with top-notch equipment like helmets and harnesses before starting their journey through this challenging yet exhilarating course. Get ready to push past boundaries you never thought possible as your adrenaline pumps harder than ever before. Take on the Ninja Course at PUNO Jaipur today!

Rope Course:

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will put your physical strength, agility, and mental toughness to the test? Look no further than the Rope Course at PUNO Jaipur! This daring activity is not for the faint of heart. With a series of challenging obstacles such as tightropes, zip lines, balance beams, and hanging bridges - there's no shortage of thrills and excitement. And don't worry if you're new to this type of adventure sport; with several difficulty levels ranging from easy to extreme, there's something for everyone. So grab your friends or family members and head over to PUNO Jaipur for a one-of-a-kind experience that will have you feeling like a true daredevil!

Slam Dunk:

Oh, Slam Dunk at PUNO Jaipur! The very mention of it sends shivers down my spine. It's not just an event; it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions that leaves you breathless and exhilarated. The thumping sound of basketballs hitting the court is like music to your ears as you watch players dribble past defenders with ease and precision. Each move they make is calculated, yet spontaneous, leaving you on the edge of your seat. And when they finally shoot that ball through the hoop with a resounding slam dunk - oh, what a rush! You can't help but jump up and cheer along with the crowd. There's nothing quite like experiencing this electrifying atmosphere for yourself - Slam Dunk at PUNO Jaipur truly takes basketball to another level.

Roller Bridge:

Roller Bridge at PUNO Jaipur is the ultimate engineering marvel that will leave you awestruck! This magnificent bridge features colossal rollers on both sides, making it move up and down in sync with the fluctuating water levels. The innovative roller system has been incorporated skillfully, allowing for smooth and effortless movement of this unique bridge. It's almost surreal to witness this awe-inspiring creation in action as if it were a living entity breathing along with the river currents beneath it. A true testament to human ingenuity and innovation, Roller Bridge at PUNO Jaipur is a sight not to be missed by anyone who appreciates cutting-edge technology blended seamlessly into architecture!

Donut Slide:

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for the most thrilling ride of your life at PUNO Jaipur - the Donut Slide! Brace yourself as you ascend to the top of this 45-foot monster slide, with a donut-shaped tube that will leave your heart racing and your stomach churning. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you reach the peak and take the plunge into complete darkness. And just when you think it's over, get ready to spin around in circles like never before, all while splashing down into a pool below. This is not just any ordinary water slide - this is an experience like no other that will leave you begging for more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and head on over to PUNO Jaipur today for an unforgettable adventure on the Donut Slide!

Adventure Arena:

Welcome to Adventure Arena at PUNO Jaipur, where thrill-seekers come to conquer their fears and ignite their passion for adventure! Brace yourself for an epic experience that will leave you breathless with excitement. Our arena offers a plethora of activities designed to challenge your limits and push you beyond your comfort zone. Soar through the skies like a bird with our exhilarating zip-lining course, scale towering rock walls like a pro climber, or navigate tricky obstacle courses like a true ninja warrior. If teamwork is more your thing, we have team-building exercises that will put your communication skills to the test in fun and creative ways. The possibilities are endless at Adventure Arena! With adrenaline-pumping activities around every corner, this is not just another place - it's an adventure playground! Come join us and let the adventure begin!

Battle Beam:

If you're someone who's always looking for a new challenge, then the Battle Beam at PUNO Jaipur is the perfect attraction for you! This high-flying adventure will test your balance, strength, and strategy as you battle it out with friends or family on two narrow beams suspended above a foam pit. And let me tell you, this isn't for the faint of heart - if heights make your knees weak, be prepared to conquer those fears as you climb higher and higher toward victory. But don't worry about falling off (or knocking your opponent off) because that soft landing in the foam pit will cushion any blows. So get ready to push yourself to the limit and show everyone that there's nothing too challenging when it comes to conquering the Battle Beam at PUNO Jaipur!

Free Jump Arena:

Get ready to experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure like never before at the Free Jump Arena at PUNO Jaipur! This one-of-a-kind arena boasts a range of trampolines, foam pits, and obstacle courses that will leave you wanting more. Whether you're a child or an adult, this place has something in store for everyone. Watch as children burst into peals of laughter while playing dodgeball or basketball on trampolines, showcasing their skills and agility. And if that's not enough to get your heart racing, then take part in some friendly competitions with other adults where you can challenge each other in races or flip contests - it's sure to be an exhilarating experience! With so much fun to be had here, there's no doubt that the Free Jump Arena at PUNO Jaipur is the perfect place for anyone looking for some high-flying action and adventure!

Soft Play Arena:

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will transport your child into a world of wonder and excitement? Look no further than Soft Play Arena at PUNO Jaipur! This indoor play area is the ultimate destination for children of all ages that are eager to explore, create, and let their imaginations run wild. With its soft padded floors and secure railing systems around every piece of equipment, parents can rest easy knowing their little ones are safe while they have a blast. The endless entertainment options within the arena are enough to keep any child engaged for hours on end - from climbing walls and rope courses to ball pits and slides. Each activity is designed to stimulate creativity, encourage physical activity, and promote socialization skills in a fun-filled environment. It's not just a place where kids come to play - it's an experience unlike any other that they'll remember for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Soft Play Arena at PUNO Jaipur today!

EPP Playzone:

Welcome to the magical world of EPP Playzone at PUNO Jaipur! Get ready to immerse yourself in an explosion of colors and vibrancy that will take your breath away. As soon as you step into this wonderland, be prepared for non-stop adrenaline-pumping fun! The spiral slide is a thrilling ride that will leave you screaming with joy while bouncing on trampolines will make you feel like you're flying high up in the sky. But wait, there's more! You can challenge yourself by climbing up ropes or diving right into the ball pit and swimming in a sea of bright, colorful balls. Every corner of the EPP Playzone at PUNO Jaipur is filled with excitement and adventure that guarantees endless hours of fun for everyone who walks through its doors. So come on down and experience it all for yourself - we promise it'll be an unforgettable experience!

Activities at Puno Jaipur

Welcome to PUNO Jaipur, where the fun never stops for our littlest guests! Our PUNO Junior area is packed with exciting activities just waiting to be explored by children under 7 years of age and below 125 cm in height. If your child loves music, they'll adore our Tap-a-Tap set-up that lets them create their very own tunes. Or perhaps they'd prefer to take a journey through time on our Time Machine ride? For those looking for some high-flying action, try bouncing around on our Yahoo Trampoline or taking a spin on the Rotating Globe. Our Swing Bridge will challenge even the bravest adventurers while Connect 4 offers a more strategic experience. Kids can get hands-on with playing with Clay or digging up treasure in our Interactive Digger before jumping into our Interactive Ball Pool or cruising around in Kiddie Cars. Thrill-seekers won't want to miss out on the Jumping Airbag or Off-Road Champs while competitive types can battle it out over Air Hockey matches. And last but not least - don't forget about the Foam Pit where little ones can practice flips and jumps safely! There's so much excitement waiting at PUNO Jaipur for your young ones - come join us today!

Puno Jaipur for Children Under 7 Years of Age and Below 125 Cm in Height

Activities List

  • PUNO Junior
  • Tap-a-Tap
  • Time Machine
  • Yahoo Trampoline
  • Play With Clay
  • Rotating Globe
  • Swing Bridge
  • Connect 4
  • Interactive Digger
  • Interactive Ball Pool
  • Kiddie Cars
  • Jumping Airbag
  • Air Hockey
  • Off Road Champs
  • Foam Pit

PUNO Jaipur for Over 7 years old/more than 125 cm tall

If you are over 7 years old or more than 125 cm tall, congratulations! You have the privilege of enjoying the ultimate wonderland that is Puno Jaipur. Brace yourself for a sensory overload as you step into this enchanting world where every corner boasts vibrant colors, intricate designs, and dazzling lights. The sheer size and complexity of this amusement park will leave you breathless as you try to decide which thrilling ride to tackle first. Will it be the heart-stopping roller coaster that loops through the air with reckless abandon? Or perhaps the dizzying spin of the giant Ferris wheel that offers breathtaking views of the entire park? And don't forget about all the carnival games, food stalls, and live entertainment happening all around you. With so much excitement at your fingertips, there's never a dull moment in Puno Jaipur!

3D Needle

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your minds blown because, at Puno Jaipur, there is a 3D Needle that will leave you speechless! This isn't just any ordinary frame; it's a work of art that will make you chuckle and feel surprised all at once. With its three-dimensional design, the needle appears to be popping right out of the frame as if by magic! It's like an optical illusion that has come to life before your very eyes. And let me tell you; it's not only an entertaining sight but also incredibly fun. The 3D Needle adds a playful touch to any room or space and is sure to catch everyone's attention. So why settle for boring decor when you can have something as exhilarating as the 3D Needle at Puno Jaipur? Trust me when I say this; it's worth seeing in person!

Interactive Trampoline

Oh my goodness, have you heard about the incredible Interactive Trampoline at Puno Jaipur? It's like nothing I've ever experienced before! Picture this: you're bouncing around on a trampoline, but instead of just mindlessly jumping up and down, you're actually following the movements of virtual characters. It's like dancing in mid-air! And to make things even more exciting, you get to execute your own freestyle tricks while keeping up with these digital personas. The adrenaline rush is unreal! I felt like I was part of some crazy futuristic video game or something. Seriously, if you want an unforgettable experience that combines technology and physical activity in the most insane way possible, then the Interactive Trampoline at Puno Jaipur is where it's at!


Have you ever felt the sheer power of nature in its most destructive form? If not, then brace yourself for a wild ride on the Cyclone at Puno Jaipur. This is not your average amusement park ride; it's an adrenaline-pumping experience that will leave you breathless. Nothing can prepare you for the stomach-churning drops, twists, and turns that this beast has in store for you. As soon as you strap yourself in, your heart starts racing with anticipation. And just when you think it can't get any more intense, the Cyclone takes things up a notch with hair-raising speeds and mind-bending G-forces. It's like being caught in a raging storm, where every second feels like an eternity and every turn threatens to throw you off course. But don't worry; this ride isn't just about testing your nerves - it also rewards brave souls who dare to take on its challenge by providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape from dizzying heights! So what are you waiting for? Come feel the fury of the Cyclone at Puno Jaipur - if you're looking for an unforgettable adventure, this is one that will blow all others away!

Sky Rider

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and get ready to soar high above the Adventure Arena at PUNO Jaipur with the newest attraction, Sky Rider! This is not just any ordinary ride, but a thrilling adventure that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the clouds. You'll feel your heart pumping as you fly past towering trees, swoop over winding rivers, and catch glimpses of wildlife from a bird's eye view. With Sky Rider at PUNO Jaipur, you'll experience pure exhilaration in every moment of this epic adventure. And if that's not enough to satisfy your craving for excitement, then brace yourself for some breathtaking drops and dive bombs that will leave you wanting more! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to take flight with Sky Rider at PUNO Jaipur - it's an adventure unlike any other!

Wipe Out

Oh, have you heard about the insane wipeout course they have at Puno Jaipur?! It's absolutely crazy! You've got to be on high alert and ready for anything. The obstacles are coming at you left and right, but don't worry - during a wipeout, you can jump, duck, or take any other action necessary to avoid getting hit. And trust me, you'll need all the skills in your arsenal to make it through this challenging course unscathed. From giant swinging balls and rotating platforms to slippery slopes and water cannons - this is not for the faint of heart! But if you're up for a thrilling adventure that will test your reflexes like never before, then Wipeout at Puno Jaipur is definitely worth checking out!

Spider Tower

Oh my gosh, have you heard of the Spider Tower at Puno Jaipur? It's a thrilling adventure that will have your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping! Imagine jumping into a thicket of spider webs – it sounds scary, right? But trust me when I say that the fun and excitement beyond expectations are worth every second. As you jump and climb your way through this towering structure, you'll feel like a superhero conquering an impossible feat. The spider webs are so intricately woven that they create a maze-like path for you to explore, adding an element of challenge to the experience. And don't worry about getting stuck in any actual spiders – these webs are made from high-quality materials designed specifically for safety and entertainment purposes. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Puno Jaipur and take on the Spider Tower – it's an adventure you won't soon forget!


Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge of SkyStepper at PUNO Jaipur? Brace yourselves, folks! It's time to showcase your athletic prowess and test your limits as you embark on a journey filled with towering pillars of varying heights. The game demands exceptional skills, precision, and above all - trust in the magic of the PUNO mechanism that powers it. With every step you take, adrenaline rushes through your veins as you leap toward the top with unwavering faith in this incredible mechanism. SkyStepper at PUNO Jaipur is not just any regular sport; it's an experience that challenges both mind and body. Are you ready to conquer new heights? Then come join us for an unforgettable adventure today!

Sky Walls

Have you ever craved the thrill of scaling a mountain but didn't have the time or resources to make it happen? Look no further than the Sky walls at PUNO Jaipur! These 90-degree straight walls provide an authentic and exhilarating mountain climbing experience that will leave your heart racing and your palms sweating. With great enthusiasm for adventure, climbers can push themselves to new heights while feeling secure with state-of-the-art safety equipment. The stunning views from atop these sky walls will take your breath away as you conquer each peak one by one. Whether you're a seasoned climber looking for a challenge or just someone seeking an exciting new activity, the Sky Walls at PUNO Jaipur are not to be missed!

Free Jump Arena

Get ready to soar high with excitement and adrenaline rush at the Free Jump Arena in Puno Jaipur! This place is a haven for all trampoline enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities that are sure to leave you breathless. From climbing new heights and testing your limits on the towering walls to showcasing your freestyle moves on the bouncy trampolines - this arena has it all. The sheer expanse of this space will take your breath away as you jump higher and higher with every bounce. With cutting-edge equipment designed for safety and comfort, you can be assured of a seamless experience that will have you coming back for more. So grab your friends or family members and head over to Free Jump Arena at Puno Jaipur for an adventure like no other!

High Performance

Looking to take your trampoline game to the next level? Look no further than High Performance at Puno Jaipur! This is not your average trampoline park - with its state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled trainers, you'll be able to defy gravity like never before. Whether you want to perfect your backflip or start experimenting with free-running, High Performance has got you covered. And if you're looking to prepare for a specific trampoline sport, their expert coaches will work with you one-on-one to ensure that every jump counts. So come on down and get ready to soar - because at High Performance at Puno Jaipur, the sky's the limit (literally!).

Swing Bridge

Oh, the Swing Bridge at Puno Jaipur is not for the faint of heart! As you ascend to dizzying heights above the rim, your pulse races with excitement and anticipation. And just when you think it couldn't get any more thrilling, there it is - a swinging bridge that tests both your balance and bravery. But beware! Your rivals are out to knock you off course, adding an extra element of danger to this already exhilarating experience. With every step you take on that teetering bridge, your senses are heightened as adrenaline courses through your veins. The wind whips by as you cling tightly to the ropes and try to maintain your footing amidst all the shaking and swaying. It's like walking on air...or perhaps closer to flying than anything else! So if you're ready for an adventure-filled challenge that will push you beyond your limits come across the Swing Bridge at Puno Jaipur - but be warned: once experienced, never forgotten!"

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going to Puno Jaipur

Oh, my goodness! There are so many things to remember before going to Puno Jaipur:

  • First of all, you need to know that Kids Arena is only for children under seven years old, while Adventure Arena is exclusively for kids aged 7 and up. 
  • And don't be late because entry ends at either 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm depending on whether you opt for a 120-minute or a 90-minute slot booking respectively. 
  • Oh, and by the way, if your weight exceeds more than 120 KGs - sorry folks - no jumping for you due to safety standards! 
  • It's crucial not to carry any electronic devices or wear jewelry when using trampolines as it can get quite dangerous in there with sharp objects like belt buckles or clothing studs around. 
  • Moreover, PUNO does not allow outside food due to safety reasons (fear not though; they have got an in-house sports cafe). 
  • You must grab special grip socks from their Jaipur counters which cost Rs.80 per pair as they are vital when jumping on the trampoline – but beware these socks cannot be shared between visitors since hygiene matters too! 
  • Remember that waiting areas are available ONLY FOR guardians outside while their kids enjoy themselves inside the play area; therefore dropping off children below twelve years of age alone isn't allowed with experts/supervisors monitoring them instead. 
  • Please provide your passport and visa details at the entry gate if you're visiting from abroad.
  • Make sure to set your alarm extra early so that you can ensure to reach the counter a full 30 minutes prior to your slot time. 
  • Trust me, you don't want to miss out on any of the incredible activities they have planned for you! 
  • And speaking of those activities, it's absolutely imperative that you avoid eating or drinking anything too heavy beforehand. 
  • Believe me when I say that this is not the place for a rumbling tummy or an upset stomach. But wait, there's more! 
  • All visitors are required to provide ID at both the time of booking AND check-in - and let me tell ya, PAN cards just won't cut it as proof of address here. 
  • So be sure to bring along something more substantial (like maybe your passport) if you want in on all the fun and excitement that Puno Jaipur has in store for you!

Terms and Conditions of Payment Mood at Puno Water Park

Are you ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime at Puno Water Park? 

  • Listen up, folks! When it comes to experiencing the ultimate fun and adventure at Puno Water Park, you gotta abide by the Terms and Conditions of Payment at all times. 
  • That means shelling out a whopping 100.0% of the total tour cost right when you book your trip. But don't worry, we've got your back in case Mother Nature decides to rain on our parade or those pesky government restrictions get in the way - we'll offer an alternate feasible option that's just as awesome. 
  • Now, if for some reason you decide to cancel your plans (we can't imagine why), make sure you do it three days before departure or face a big fat cancellation fee of 50.0% of the total tour cost if made between one to three days prior to travel. 
  • And listen closely because this is important: If you dare cancel within the same day of the departure date, then prepare yourself for a mind-boggling cancellation fee amounting to none other than 100.0% of the total tour cost! 
  • So yeah, stick by these rules and have an unforgettable time at Puno Water Park!


Well, hold on tight because before you can take the plunge, you'll have to agree to our "Terms and Conditions of Payment mood"! That's right folks; we take payment very seriously here. We Accept all UPI, credit cards, and Debt cards. So pack up your sunscreen (and your bank account) and join us at Puno Fun and Water Park - where our Payment mood is always set to high!

Our FAQ’s

Is PUNO Jaipur open on weekends?

Yes, PUNO open on weekends too.

PUNO opens at 11:30 am and runs until 9:00 pm.

You can book online as well as offline.

Oh my goodness let me tell you about the safety precautions at Puno Adventure Jaipur, they are absolutely out of this world! Safety is not just a priority to them; it's their NUMBER ONE priority. These professionals spare no expense when it comes to provi

There is no risk associated with any of the Activities for children as well as adult.

The maximum weight for a jumper should be less than 120 Kgs.

Let me tell you, folks, Puno Adventure and Trampoline Park Jaipur is the epitome of fun-filled adventure experiences! The pros are so numerous I don't even know where to begin. Firstly, it provides a safe environment for all ages - no need to worry about

Yes, off course, this is a must visit place in Jaipur.

Yes, locker facilities at Puno Jaipur are available. Operators will be able to assist to find the locker area and help you to keep your things secure.

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Highest Waterfalls in India

Team FWDI 02 Feb 2023
Pink Pearl Water Park Jaipur

Pink Pearl Water Park Jaipur

Team FWDI 02 Feb 2023
Pink Pearl Water Park Jaipur

Pink Pearl Water Park Jaipur

Team FWDI 02 Feb 2023