How to Start a Religious Tour to India?

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How to Start a Religious Tour to India?

The sultanate of Delhi, the city which has been a significant center of tourism attractions ever since from the beginning of the histories are also serving as the capital of incredible India. It would be not incorrect to say "Delhi" is also the city of fun, joy, masti and happiness. Often this city is called the heart city of incredible India; Delhi holds a famous site in terms of Indian history.

The city completes a golden triangle holiday packages to India with the other cities of India tourism packages like Agra and Jaipur. Culturally rich few places are also the house of many wondrous places and Indian heritage spots that will fill your India tour with amazing experience and memories which always with you. Here we have begun to you a pre-planned way to spend your holiday in Delhi with Delhi one day tour packages, here is a way so that you can tell that it was the day, well spent.

Visit the Home of God with Delhi One Day Tour Packages

Delhi places an important part in the Indian mythology and it is really exciting as these myths have given us numerous of the best religious temples which spirit make your day begin with holiness, spirituality, divinity, and purity. Not only the temples but you can find the religious site of different religions which are renowned for its history, architecture or some other things.

Temples in Delhi -

  1. Akshar Dham Temple
  2. Hanuman Mandir
  3. Lotus Temple
  4. Iskon Temple
  5. Laxmi Narayan Temple

Mosques in Delhi -

  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Dargarh Nizamuddin Auliya
  3. Chiragh-I-Delhi Dargah

Gurudwaras in Delhi -

  1. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
  2. Gurudwara Sis Ganj
  3. Gurudwara Rakab Sahab
  4. Gurudwara Nanak Plao

Churches in Delhi -

  1. Cathedral Church of the Redemption
  2. Cathredal of The Sacred Heart
  3. St. James Church

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