Rajasthan – A Shopper’s Paradise

Rajasthan is best renowned rich & diverse culture. The colorful arts and crafts of Rajasthan are famous in all over the world. Tradition and history of Rajasthan can be captured in the beautiful stuff that you will come across in the streets and markets of this splendid land. From jewelry to hand-made work and paintings to pottery, there are so many things to buy.


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Rajasthan Miniature Paintings –

Rajasthan Miniature Paintings

These Rajasthani paintings were tint by Rajasthani painters who also painted the “Royal and Romantic life of Mughal” in their paintings. Another type of style of painting found in the Rajasthan is “Rajputana painting” that depicts the Royal lifestyle of Rajasthan with the incidents from Ramayana or Mahabharata. Apart from this, the ‘Phad’ and ‘Pichwai’ paintings are famous which was crafted on rectangular pieces of cloth that depict the life of Pabuji and Devnarayan (the 2 popular folk heroes). To buy these painting, customize most famous Golden triangle tour with Udaipur.

Where to Get: Hathi Pol bazaar in Udaipur


Puppets, Stuffed Dolls, and Toys – 

Puppets, Stuffed Dolls, and Toys

These are crafted from wood, stones, clay, and other available materials. Toys and dolls in Rajasthan are not just for children, it can be used for religious rituals and festivals. The puppets are also better known as ‘kathputli’ are considered as “the heart of Rajasthan handicraft” that attracts lots of locals and tourist worldwide. You can explore these things with Rajasthan Tour packages India. These handmade puppets can be found in different colors with attached strings. These puppets and stuffed toys can be used for home decoration.

Where to Get: Local Markets in Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jaipur, and Nagaur


Jodhpuri Juttis –

Jodhpuri Juttis

Jodhpuri juttis are pretty famous in Rajasthan and available in innumerable colors, range, patterns. These can be made up of pure leather materials. This is also termed as ‘Mojaris’. These are available in different patterns, colors, shapes & designs and are also comfortable to wear.

Where to Get:  Coblet Market in Jodhpur


Jewelry – 


Rajasthan is the center of the jewelry industry and Rajasthan Jewelry is famous in the worldwide. You can find all the types of jewelry like silver jewelry, gold jewelry, kundan, Meena etc in Rajasthan in a unique style. Moreover, Rajasthan is the largest center for hand-cut gemstones like Ruby, Garnets, Emerald, Agate, Amethyst, Topaz, and etc. The designs of the jewelry are so unique that is also used by Bollywood celebrities. You can buy this jewelry from the local markets of the Jaipur. Don’t miss these things while you’re on Golden Triangle Tour Packages India.

Where to Get: Johari bazaar in Jaipur


Blue Pottery –

Blue Pottery

This is another art form that was introduced to Rajasthan by the Mughals. Blue pottery came to Jaipur from Persia & Afghanistan. The style of pottery is made from quartz material and not from the clay. Materials that are used for pottery are quartz, sodium sulfate, raw glaze, and Multani mitti. The biggest benefit of blue pottery is that it does not develop cracks, unlike the other regular earthen pots. There are several products that you can buy including plates, flower vases, surahis (small pitchers), trays, coasters, soap dishes and fruit bowls etc.

Where to Get: Sanganer market in Jaipur

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